The Shield

We discussed a couple of future technologies in Chapter 4: Interstellar Transportation and Chapter 5: The Sheath. In this chapter, we discuss a technology to counter some of the side-effects of these two previous technologies.

Imagine having the technology to transport anywhere in the Cosmos. That is stupendous at large scales. But what about small distances – for example transporting from one location to the other on the Earth itself?

We would run into all kinds of problems. People transporting themselves into our homes – invading our privacy. How about countries protecting their boundaries? We understand that the goal of these technologies is to create a Cosmos without artificial boundaries. But still, sometimes boundaries are necessary – as in the case of the ‘people transporting themselves into our homes’ example above.

Granted that The Sheath would protect from any harm coming to us. But the transgressors would also be protected by their own Sheaths!

Another scenario: what if communities want to keep themselves isolated (like the Amish community in America)? What if inhabitants of a distant planet in the Universe don’t want to be invaded by humans (transporting themselves to their planet). Shouldn’t they have the choice to do so, at least till we have an understanding / agreement with them?

For this, we present a new technology: The Shield! It would be a technology which would isolate a unit of space from outside transportation. It would be like an invisible bubble which you can surround your home or community or country with, so that outsiders can’t transport themselves into it. An ‘off limits‘ place, if you will, in Interstellar Transportation.

The Shield would also have the ‘invisible and invincible‘ characteristics of The Sheath. Why is this necessary? Well there are obvious scenarios: The Sheath would protect your body from violence. The Shield will do so for your property or community.

For example, what would happen if somebody exploded a bomb near your house. Or another country dropped a nuclear bomb on yours. The Sheath would protect your bodies from getting harmed, but your houses, your neighborhoods would be destroyed. The Shield would prevent this from happening!

What science could drive this technology? You know it – Quantum Mechanics!

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