The Sheath

If we are to travel to any location in the Cosmos just by thinking of the coordinates (as discussed in the last part of Chapter 4: Interstellar Transportation), or even using StarGates, we need to have a technology that will protect us from the hazards of doing so.

For example, if we transport ourselves to a different location, we may find ourselves close to a star’s surface, or even inside the core of a star. We will be D.O.A. (Dead on Arrival) – burnt to ashes from the massive temperatures! Our journey would be over even before it begins!

Or, we may find ourselves in a place where we are bombarded by radiations of different kinds.

Next, we will surely find ourselves in the atmosphere of planets which do not have oxygen for us to breath. Or cellular organisms which may cause us unknown and horrible diseases.

We propose a new technology to counter this: The Sheath! An organic membrane surrounding our body. It would be a self-sustaining sheath which would cover our entire body and generate oxygen for breathing.

It would also protect us from external disease-causing organisms on other planets. It would be a all-encompassing sheath, in that we wouldn’t need to know the biological structures of disease-causing organisms which we might encounter on other planets.

The Sheath would be holistic, and screen against all kinds of organisms and their mutations, even future mutations. It wouldn’t do so by brute force (not by storing a database of all known organisms and possible future mutations), but rather by being inherently unbreachable.

Now we present something even more audacious: The sheath would be like an invisible and invincible protection for us against all kinds of harmful forces. For example it would protect us from massive temperatures if we accidentally transport ourselves into the core of a star. It would screen us from radiation of all kinds – including the ultraviolet radiation from different star’s which could effect our eyes.

Coming to more earthly issues, it could protect us from all kinds of violent crimes (including murders, rapes, torture, etc). It would be a sheath that would prevent any harm from coming to our body in any condition. You could stand in the middle of a nuclear explosion and not be harmed (all because of the sheath surrounding your body).

Another important aspect of The Sheath would be to serve as a cocoon (or covering) for our body to be transported to another location in the Cosmos (see Chapter 4: Interstellar Transportation) as a single unit.

What sciences could drive this technology? Again, we turn to – chiefly – Quantum Mechanics & Neuroscience. Quantum Mechanics to power this technology and Neuroscience to integrate this technology with our bodies, and making them self-sufficient in every way.

We will discuss The Sheath (and the technology behind it) in more detail in Chapter 7: Body Engineering.

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