Mind Engineering

At the end of Chapter 4: Interstellar Transportation, we discussed a technology by which we could transport ourselves to any part of the Cosmos, just by thinking of the location. Here we talk in some detail about what that technology entails.

How could we transport our body to any part of the Cosmos just by thinking? For this we need to engineer / program our mind for three things:

Firstly, a Cosmic Coordinate System embedded into / integrated with our brains. What does this require? Do we require lots of memory cells to store coordinates for the entire Cosmos? Do we need more brain-power to process these coordinates? That would be infeasible.

But, what if we could (as discussed in the last part of Chapter 3: Cosmic Coordinate System) tap into the same technology that a subatomic particle in Quantum Entanglement uses to locate it’s counterpart? Does the subatomic particle have loads of memory cells to store the locations across the Cosmos? Does it have brains to compute these locations? If the subatomic particle can do it, why can’t our brains (which have far greater resources)?

Secondly, we need our mind to coordinate with our body and transport us to a different location. In Chapter 5: The Sheath we talked about how The Sheath serves as a cocoon (or covering) to transform our body into a single unit, so that it can be transported to a different location.

We need to engineer the mind (which controls the neural / nervous system of the body) to coordinate with The Sheath for the actual transport.

Thirdly, we need to tap into the technology which the entangled subatomic particle in Quantum Entanglement uses to communicate with it’s counterpart. Does it open a wormhole in spacetime and send it’s message via that? If a subatomic particle (with no brain of it’s own) can open a wormhole (or it’s equivalent), why can’t our own mind (with far greater resources) open a wormhole for transportation of our body?

(Again – as an aside – we understand that quantum physics operates on a different scale than the everyday physics of our bodies. But, we are talking of future technologies here. What if we find an underlying principle(s) which unifies quantum and relativistic physics?

Also, we understand that transporting our body to a different location is much more complex than subatomic particles communicating over large distances. But, we are talking of fantastic future technologies here! Aren’t we?)

Apart from these, there are other aspects of Mind Engineering, which we will discuss in subsequent chapters of this book.

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