Interstellar Transportation

Currently, SpaceX is developing rockets with the intention of colonizing Mars. That is the latest technology of our times. But, we have also read / seen / heard of other futuristic technologies in Sci-Fi books and movies.

We have been enthralled by futuristic technologies warp-drives. These are supposed to transport our spaceships with unfathomable speeds (sometimes even exceeding the speed of light).

But, even these would take years / decades to transport us across galactic distances, which are separated by light-years. It would take centuries or millennia to travel to different galaxies and planets in the far-off corners of the Cosmos.

Then come the more futuristic technologies like StarGates. These use wormholes to make travelling across cosmic distances practical and rapid. They are like a portal to other locations. For these to operate, we need exact cosmic coordinates (discussed in Chapter 3: Cosmic Coordinate System ) of the location we want to transport to. We punch in the coordinates, step into the portal, and are transported to the destination.

Finally, we introduce a still more futuristic (and audaciously imaginative) mode of transportation:

Imagine not having to travel in spaceships. Further imagine not having to step through a portal. What if we could think of a location, and ‘poof’ you are there.

Imagine witnessing cosmic events like exploding supernovas by transporting yourself to a vantage location in the Universe, just by thinking of that location!

In the smaller scheme of things, we could transport ourselves to our friend’s homes or scenic places on the Earth. No need for travelling in cars, buses, trains or planes!

How would this be done? In Quantum Entanglement, a subatomic particle can instantaneously find (and influence) it’s entangled subatomic particle millions of light years away. Couldn’t the neurons in our mind (which consist of subatomic particles) leverage that technology to find a location anywhere in the Universe and transport our body to it?

(As an aside – we understand that physics works differently at the quantum level of subatomic particles than in the larger world. But what if we could find a way to bridge the gap? What if we found a common underlying principle which governs both the quantum and the macro world?)

We will discuss these concepts in more detail in Chapter 7: Body Engineering & Chapter 8: Mind Engineering.

Of course, there are issues of security and safety related to these, which we will discuss in Chapter 5: The Sheath and Chapter 6: The Shield.

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