Cosmic Technology Transfer

Till now we have discussed a set of technologies which would help us in Intestellar Transportation. We have also talked about issues of our safety and security, and technologies which would help in these.

Now we discuss what entails in transferring these technologies to everyone. When we say everyone, it means all living entities in the Cosmos.

Why this generalization? Why do we need to transfer these technologies to all living entities in the Cosmos? Because if this is not done, then the living entities which don’t have these technologies would become fair game for those who do have them.

We all know tendencies of the human mind for unspeakable evils on other beings (including other humans). Think hunting, murder, rapes, torture, etc. On a larger scale, think colonization.

Also, what if there are evil entities in the Cosmos who have more destructive tendencies than even humans?

What would happen if the these evil entities have these technologies and other benign entities do not have them? There would be massacres or worse hell for those that do not have them. Imagine people having The Sheath (thus immune to explosions) blowing up other people (with no access to it). That’s just an example, but you get the picture…

Extrapolate this to living beings on other planets, and the scale of evil that could be perpetuated would be horrendous.

So, these are all-or-nothing technologies. Either everyone should have them or nobody should.

Having put up the why of Cosmic Technology Transfer, we will now discuss the whats and hows.

What does it entail? It makes things harder. We have to make these technologies universal (applicable to all living beings / organisms) across the Cosmos. The Sheath, The Shield, Body Engineering & Mind Engineering have to work with all beings (even those unknown to us – residing in the nooks and crannies of the Universe).

How? We need new sciences which work on underlying physical and biological principles of the mind and body, which are not restricted to human beings.

Secondly, we need a method to transferring these technologies across the Cosmos, and into the bodies and minds of living entities. A kind of telepathic transfer, which will make these technologies available over the air to all beings in the Cosmos.

How? Again we can tap into Quantum Entanglement. Just like the entangled subatomic particle conveys it’s state change to it’s counterpart across light years, we could be able to transfer the technologies (which would essentially be software) to the brains and bodies of all living organisms (which would be the hardware) over the air, across the Universe.

Thirdly, these technologies need to be decentralized. There should not be a single or multiple points of failure in any location(s) in the Cosmos. For example, the Cosmic Coordinate System should not be a database of coordinates stored at any location in the Cosmos, which would be susceptible to security issues. The coordinate system should be integrated in the mind and bodies of each individual living entity.

Lastly, these technologies, once active, should be irreversible for all entities. Otherwise, we could have evil entities trying to reverse these technologies for others, while keeping them active for themselves.

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