Body Engineering

In Chapter 5: The Sheath we talked of an invisible and invincible organic membrane which would protect our bodies from any possible harm. We also talked of how The Sheath would serve as a cocoon (or a covering) to transport our body (as a whole) to any location in the Cosmos. Here we talk in some detail about what the technology entails and how it might be implemented.

Firstly, The Sheath has to work involuntarily – without the active involvement of our mind the whole time. Kind of like our Muscle Memory. By creating new neural pathways in our nervous system.

But, we don’t want to implement it the way Muscle Memory is learned. It should be more like our survival instincts which are ingrained into our nervous system.

Secondly, The Sheath would cover our entire body – for our protection, and also for Interstellar Transportation (to transport our body – as a single unit – to different locations). So we require the participation and coordination of every cell in our body. For this we need a mechanism to engineer / program every cell in the body.

The Sheath would be an organic construct originating from and part of our body; not a device external to it.

How do we implement this? We have to turn to Neuroscience for the engineering part and to Quantum Mechanics for the invincibility part. It will have to be a combination of these two sciences.

BUT, those are not the only aspects of The Sheath we have to engineer. Like we talked about in Chapter 5: The Sheath, it also has to generate oxygen for our bodies to breathe.

Let’s take this further: Can we engineer our body and it’s physiology so that we don’t need external sustenance? Can we program our body (or The Sheath) to create oxygen, proteins, carbohydrates, etc (which are basically just structures of atoms and molecules)? Or even just create the end-products (which the oxygen, proteins, etc are broken down into) for the cells to consume?

Can we engineer self-sustaining human bodies? Where our bodies don’t need to breath oxygen or eat food?

How could we achieve this? We require a combination of Physiology (for delivering end-products for cells to consume) and Quantum Mechanics (for creating those end-products – inside The Sheath or inside our body).

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