So far, we have discussed technologies which are core (must-have) for interstellar life. In subsequent chapters we discuss technologies which are desirable for a pleasure-filled interstellar existence.

Compared to technologies that we have talked about in the previous chapters, Anti-Gravity would seem a primitive technology (though a far advanced one in our current time).

So, why do we need Anti-Gravity in our fantastic scheme of things? Isn’t it a propulsion technology for Spaceships? To help them escape the gravity of planets? Why is it required when Spaceships would themselves be obsolete? When we can do Interstellar Transportation by just thinking of a location in our minds?

To answer the question, consider this scenario: What if we transport ourselves high up in the atmosphere of a distant planet? We would be pulled by the gravity of that planet, and end up hurtling down towards it’s surface at breakneck speeds!

The Sheath would, of course, protect us from burning up in the atmosphere and negate the impact of falling on the planet’s surface from a high altitude.

But this would be inelegant at best. Why not have Anti-Gravity to make it elegant? You end up high in the atmosphere of a planet, and just glide down to it’s surface using Anti-Gravity!

It could also be a desirable technology (but not must-have) technology in other ways. It would be a nice way of sight-seeing different planets and interstellar phenomena. By floating in space!

What science could drive this? Anti-Gravity is a science in itself relying on Relativity, etc. But an effective breakthrough could be made using Quantum Mechanics (what else!).

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